Retrac Medizinsysteme GmbH

Retrac Medizinsysteme GmbH is a Berlin-based company that pursues three goals:


The offer is consulting for a target-oriented development of pharmaceuticals and consumer health products of start-up companies or SMEs in the field of health care and therapy.

The consultancy can cover pre-clinical, clinical and pharmaceutical aspects of small molecule based product development.

The consulting expertise is based on many years of professional experience in the R&D field with global pharmaceutical companies.

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Development Concepts & Management

The aim is to create concepts and plans for the rapid realization of medicinal products and consumer health products in accordance with the relevant guidelines.

This includes the planning, monitoring and evaluation of experimental studies in the clinical, preclinical and pharmaceutical development areas (drug dosage form development, prodrug concepts, ICH-compliant quality studies).

Financial evaluation of R&D projects in the pharmaceutical industry using risk-adjusted net present value calculations and sensitivity analysis (rNPV)

Identification of qualified service providers, report preparation, investigator brochures and corresponding dossier parts for regulatory documents (EMA, FDA).

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Project Pipeline

CBD spray film for application on the intact skin for the transdermal application of CBD. An elegant, simple and highly bioavailable application for the interaction of CBD with the endo-cannabinoid system, available as an approved product.

THC/CBD spray film, therapeutic for transdermal application for the treatment of spasticity and pain in MS patients, under development.

Perdiaban, incretin booster in combination with delayed absorption of glucose; purely herbal alternative to semaglutide, available as an approved product.

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